Paradise, Hawaiian Style

Oh, boy, sandcastles!
Welcome, Rick. Have you
come back to marry my daughter?

- She has royal blood.
- On her mother's side?

My ancestors were right. If a man
didn't want to marry your daughter,

you dipped him in coconut butter
and threw him into a volcano.

- They use it on everything.
- Think it over, Rick.

I got some other cooking to do.
I'd better get back.
The honeymooners will be waiting.

- They won't be ready until four.
- That's five hours from now.

Wasn't that the point?
Spend time together?

- I've got Jan with me.
- You can have her back before dark.

We'll leave her with Papa
and go to Moonlight Beach.

- I can't leave Jan.
- All right, but it won't be the same.

I'll get my swimsuit and meet you
at the 'copter, with three lunches.

Uncle Rick!
Come help us with the sandcastle.
A house of sand
is an empty work of art

Oh, you can take a whole lot of sand
And build a castle on the beach
And though you mould it
and you plan

Still you've got nothing in your reach
One little slip and it tumbles down
One wrong step
and it crumbles all around

Like a house without love
that's sure to fall apart

A house of sand
is an empty work of art