- You wanted to see me, Doctor?
- Have you seen Mrs Vogler, Sister?

- No, not yet.
- Then l'll fill you in...

...and give you the reasons
why you're to care for her.

Mrs Vogler is an actress, as you know,
and was performing in Electra,

ln the middle of the play she fell silent
and looked around as if in surprise.

She remained quiet for a minute.
Afterwards she excused herself by
saying she was overcome by laughter.

The next day the theatre rang and
asked if she'd forgotten her rehearsal.

When the housekeeper went in
she was still in bed.

She was awake but didn't
answer questions and didn't move.

She's been like this for three months
and been given every conceivable test.

The result is clear. She's perfectly
healthy, both mentally and physically.

lt's not even a question
of some kind of hysterical reaction.

Any questions, Sister Alma?
No? Then you can go in to Mrs Vogler.
Good day, Mrs Vogler.
My name is Sister Alma.