- l thought l should refuse the job.
- Did something frighten you?

No, but she should have a nurse
who's older and more experienced.

- Experienced in life. l may not cope.
- Cope?

lf Mrs Vogler's silence and immobility
is the result of a decision...

- must be as she's seen as healthy.
- Well?

lt's a decision that shows great mental
strength. Perhaps l'm not up to it.

You might like to see the dusk,
Mrs Vogler. l can draw them later.

Shall l turn on the radio?
There's a play, l think.

Forgive me, my darling,
Oh, you must forgive me,

l don't desire anything other
than your forgiveness,

What are you laughing at, Mrs Vogler?
ls it the actress that's funny?

What do you know about compassion?
What do you know?

What do you know about compassion?
l don't understand things like that,
Mrs Vogler.

l'm interested in film and theatre,
but l go so seldom.

l have enormous admiration
for artists.

l think art
has an enormous importance in life.

Especially for people
who have problems of some kind.

l shouldn't talk to you about things
like that. l'm skating on thin ice.

l'll see if l can find some music.
ls that good?
Good night, Mrs Vogler. Sleep well.