''l can't help seeking
this contact with you'' -

- ''as l'm tormented
by a constant question:''

''Have l harmed you in some way?
Have l hurt you without knowing?''

''Has some terrible misunderstanding
arisen between us?''

Should l really read any more?
''As far as l understood, we were
happy recently. We've never been...''

'' close to one another.''
''Do you remember saying: Now
l understand what marriage means?''

''You have taught me...''
l can't see what's written here.

''You have taught...'' Now l see...
''You've taught me that we must see
each other as two anxious children'' -

- ''filled with good will
and the best intentions.''

''But gov...''
Now l see it. ''But governed by forces
we only partially control.''

''Do you remember saying all of that?''
''We were walking in the woods
and you stopped and held my belt...''

There was a photograph
with the letter as well.

lt's a photograph of your son.
l don't know if...

Would you like it, Mrs Vogler?
He looks awfully sweet.