Elisabet? Can l read you something
from my book?

Or am l disturbing you? lt says here:
''All the anxiety we bear with us,
all our thwarted dreams'' -

- ''the incomprehensible cruelty,
our fear of extinction'' -

- ''the painful insight
into our earthly condition'' -

- ''have slowly eroded our hope
of an other-wordly salvation.''

''The howl of our faith and doubt
against the darkness and silence'' -

- ''is one of the most awful proofs
of our abandonment'' -

- ''and our terrified,
unuttered knowledge.''

Do you think it's like that?
l don't believe it.
Making changes...
The worst thing with me is l'm so lazy.

And then l get a bad conscience. Karl-
Henrik scolds me for lacking ambition.

He says l go around like a sleepwalker.
l think that's unfair.

l was best in my group with the exams.
But he probably means something else.

You know...
Oh, sorry. You know
what l sometimes think of?

At the hospital where l did my exam,
there's a home for old nurses.

Ones that have always been nurses,
lived for their work. Always in uniform.

They live in their small rooms. lmagine
devoting your whole life to something.

l mean, believing in something.
Accomplishing something.

Believing that one's life has a purpose.
l like things like that.

Sticking to one thing doggedly,
irrespective. l think one ought to.

Mean something to other people.
Don't you think so as well?