lt's nothing dangerous.
But l want you to talk to me.

Doesn't have to be special.
Anything, what we're having for dinner -

- or if you think the water's cold after
the storm. lf it's too cold to swim.

We only need to talk a few minutes.
One minute.

You can read from your book.
Just say a few words.

l must try not to get angry. You
remain silent and that's your business.

But now l need you to talk to me.
My dear woman,
can't you say just a single word?

l knew you'd refuse.
You can't know how l feel.

l always thought great artists felt
great compassion for other people.

That they created from a sense of
great sympathy and a need to help.

That was stupid of me.
You've used me. Now that you don't
need me you just throw me away.

Yes, l hear very well how it sounds,
how false it sounds!

You've used me, now you're
discarding me. Every word!

And then these glasses!
You've really hurt me. You've
laughed at me behind my back.

l read the letter you sent to the doctor.
Just think, it wasn't sealed!
And l read it thoroughly!

You got me to talk. You got me to
tell you things l've never told anyone.

And you hand it on.
What a study, huh?! You're not...

You're going to talk now! lf you've got
anything to say, you're bloody well...