Lie and deviate and evade things.
lsn't it better to allow yourself
to be lazy and sloppy, untruthful?

Maybe you become a little better if
you just let yourself be what you are.

No, you don't understand. You don't
understand what l'm saying.

You are inaccessible.
They said you were mentally healthy,
but your madness is the worst.

You're acting healthy. You do it
so well everyone believes you.

Everyone except me,
because l know how rotten you are.

What am l doing?
Elisabet! Elisabet, forgive me.
l behaved like an idiot,
don't know what got into me.

l'm here to help you.
Then there was that awful letter.

l was so disappointed.
You asked me to talk about myself.

lt was nice, you looked so understanding,
l'd drunk a lot...

lt was so nice to talk about it all.
l was also flattered that a great actress
cared to listen to me.

Somehow l thought it would be nice
if it was of some use to you.

But it's terrible, isn't it?
Sheer exhibitionism.

Elisabet, l want you to forgive me.
l like you so much,
you mean so much to me.

l've learned so much from you,
l don't want to part as enemies.