You should see his daughter, Ylajali.
A fairy, a princess!
She lies on a couch of yellow roses.
Three hundred slaves!

I swear I've never seen a more
beautiful person in my life!

She's lovely, wickedly lovely!
When she looks at me,
it's like a stream of wine -

- that penetrates straight
into the phosphorus of my soul.

Every glance is like a kiss. Why
the devil shouldn't she be beautiful?

Do you think she's somebody
in the Fire Brigade?

Or a female debt collector?
No, she's one of the glories
of the heavens. A saga!

He owns a lot of property, eh?
I don't know anything about that.
Kindly remember that his name is
Johan Ahrend Happolati -

- judging by the initials.
Johan Ahrend Happolati?
You should see his wife! Fattest
woman in the world, so help me God.

Don't you believe she's fat?
Oh, I dare say. A man like that
probably has a fat wife.

Hell's bells, do you think I'm filling
you with a pack of lies?

Perhaps you don't believe
there's a man called Happolati?

I never thought I'd find so much
nasty spitefulness in an old man.

Do you think I'm a little louse
sitting here in my best clothes?

That I haven't got a fine case
full of cigarettes, eh?

I'm not accustomed to your sort.
I won't tolerate it -

- from you or from anybody else.
Understand? Take your parcel!

Give me a sign.
O Lord!