Tanin no kao

A nice view.
I haven't changed my mind.
I've found a hideout for the mask.
That's not what I asked you.
You mean my plans?
About your double life
with your mask.

We'll make up for each other.
Will it succeed?
Do you know what I thought of
in the apartment?

Let me see...
What to do with all your freedom?
No, I thought about jealousy.
Yes. But that's only natural.
It's impossible for me
to make my wife jealous.

You mean using your mask
to make her jealous?

Using it for all human relations,
including jealousy.

I'll ask you again.
Are you more interested in
going back than leaving?

Does it bother you?
No, it's healthy enough

I was afraid you might try to
use it to escape from yourself.

A difference in viewpoint.
This plastic's quite interesting.
Now, it's like clay.
But when handled,
it becomes elastic like rubber.