Tanin no kao

It's almost like
the cellular tissues of the skin.

Seems quite real when you
put it on the Langer lines.

Langer lines?
The arrangement of
the skin's cellular tissues.

I see.
How will my face look?
I wonder, though I trust you.
Yes, trust me.
It's tough to do without
changing your original structure.

You'll look differently,
but that's about all.

Where does the mask join skin?
That's the difficult part.
It'd be most obvious
around the eyes.

You'll need sunglasses.
I won't complain.
Oh, it's chilly.
What're you doing?
I thought I'd make some tea.
We just had some.
No use trying to find
something to do.

It makes me nervous.
Shall I turn out the lights?
No, no, I'm quite comfortable.
I got used to it, or maybe
I just gave up.