Tempo di massacro

Excuse me, isn't this the farm
of widow Corbett's son?

No, mister, it's Scott's land.
I'm talking about Jeff Corbett.
And who's that? This here land
belongs to mister Scott now.

Do you know where I can find
Jeff Corbett, please?

I don't know who this man is you're
talking about.

Get going!
Ask them.
Thank you.
Can you tell me
where I can find the widow Corbett's son?
I'm sorry,
we're not from these parts.

Hey! Anybody know the son of
widow Corbett?

Yes, I know! He works as a blacksmith
with the old Chinese fellow,

at the corner near the saloon,
behind the Scott bank.

Thank you.
Where are you going?
Back to town?
You're a stranger,
but you better learn some things quick.

When you see that sign,
don't pass through
unless you're invited.

That sign means you're standing
on mister Scott's property,

and mister Scott doesn't like people
trespassing on land that belongs to him.

So long.
Don't forget what I said.

Where did you steal the horse?