The Sand Pebbles

lf you had killed a Chinese,
there'd have been a massacre.

We'd have had to open fire, and it might have
been the war the Bolsheviks want. You see?

As it is, in killing the coolie...
Although l can understand your feelings,
l can't condone what you did.

However, l choose to ignore it officially,
on condition you request a transfer.

You're opposed to the whole spirit aboard the
San Pablo, Holman. You've disrupted morale.

You've been involved in the
only two deaths this ship has ever had,

and the men consider you a Jonah.
lf you won't request a transfer to keep
your record clean, then l'll request it.

l'll request it, sir.
You want me to keep running the engine?

Yes. lt'll be some time
before a replacement can get here.

That'll be all.