A Countess from Hong Kong

Daddy says it's surprising
what people will talk about
to make themselves interesting.

- I can't do that.
- Oh, yes, you can.

I'll show you.
There. Isn't it wonderful?

I think dancing
stimulates conversation.

Wasn't it Aristotle who used to walk
and lecture around the Lyceum
and talk of the soul?

Though Daddy says he never had
a clear idea of what the soul is.

But Daddy has.
He says the soul is desire.

And that the whole of life is desire.
I think it's a wonderful idea.
Well, if you can't shimmy,
we'll just dance ordinary.

Do you believe
in the immortality of the soul?

- Well...
- Daddy does. He believes
that when we die...

our souls go on until they're
reborn again through love.

- Love?
- You don't believe in love?

- Well, l...
- Daddy does.

He loves everybody,
except the Communists.

- You're in the Diplomatic Service,
aren't you?
- Yes.

How boring it must be
to be diplomatic to everyone.

- But you're Ambassador
to Arabia, aren't you?
- Yes, l...

- Have you been there before?
- Oh, yes.

- Do tell me about it. I adore Arabs.
- Well, the Arabs are very inter...

Quite a crowd tonight.
You'd never suspect that most
of them have been seasick.

Her empty chair is next to mine
in the dining room.

I'm so intrigued to see
what she looks like.

It's Harvey!