Beach Red

I'm famous!
Hey, don't bunch up, you men.
Come on, now.

Okay, Captain. I was just trying
to make Egan here immortal.

We're gonna put his picture on every
can of C-rations. He eats the stuff!

How do you feel, sir?
Okay. Hey, is that
your lunch, Egan?

He ate all of these, Captain.
I'll put you in
for a new medal, Egan,

for abdominal fortitude.
You know, Captain,
I've decided when this is all over,

I'm not going back to school.
I'm gonna take Egan out on the road
for eating contests. Make a million.

What were you majoring in, Cliff?
I was gonna be a lawyer
like you, sir.

Keep planning on it.
You'll make it.

Might even be a better lawyer
for having gone through this.

Why did I say that?
Is anybody better
for having gone through this?

I suppose some are.
I don't know.