Billion Dollar Brain

- Hi. Did you have a good time?
- Wonderful.

Why didn't you come?
The game was exciting.

Did you miss me?
I missed you too, baby.
- Harry.
- Leo.

Meet Mr Sonata.
- Why did you ask us to come here?
- I don't know. Must be important.

What's going on, Leo?
Passport, visa, money, map,
everything you need. Come here.

We are right here.
Leningrad is over here, this is Latvia
and tomorrow you will be there.

- Riga? I'm going to Texas.
- New order. Something must be happening.

I thought you said
this wasn't gonna be dangerous.

It'll look good in Texas, Harry.
Here. Put that on.
- And I packed your toothbrush.
- Thank s, pal.

Listen, it's just a milk run.
Anya goes in whenever she wants,
Sonata does it once a month.

He'll brief you
and he'll bring you back in 48 hours.

- You don't speak Latvian?
- No. Do you?

So he's not one of us? Why did you
get this man into our organisation?

We have no need of mercenaries.
You're both under my command.
Do as you're told and I'll do as I'm told.

We must leave immediately.
Hurry up!

- Sweet, isn't he?
- Here, come along.

- Anya, say goodbye to Harry.
- See you Friday.