Bonnie and Clyde

Well, ma'am, l'll tell you something.
l've got enough money for a Coca-Cola...
...and since it don't look like
you're going to invite me inside....

You'd steal the dining room table if l did.
You want to go into town with me?
How would that be?

l'm going to work, anyway.
You're going to work, huh?
What kind of work do you do?

None of your business.
l'll bet you're a movie star.
Huh? A lady mechanic?
A maid?
What do you think l am?
A waitress.
What line of work are you in...
when you're not stealing cars?

Well, l'm looking for suitable
employment right at the moment.

Oh, yeah, but what did you do before?
l was in State Prison.
State Prison?
Well, l guess some little old lady
wasn't so nice.

lt was armed robbery.
The things that turn up
in the street these days.

Hey, what do you all do for a good time
around here? Listen to the grass grow?

l guess you had a lot more fun
up at State Prison.

-l'll tell you. See my right foot?

l chopped two toes off that foot
with an axe.

What! Why?
-To get off of work detail. Want to see it?

l surely don't intend to stand
here in the middle of Main Street...

...and look at your dirty feet!