Bonnie and Clyde

Honey, come on, l want to talk to you
for just a minute. Sit down.

This afternoon we killed
a man and we were seen.

Now, so far, nobody knows who you are...
...but they know who l am and they'll be
after me and anybody who's with me.

And that's murder.
Now it's going to get rough.

l can't get out, but right now you still can.
l want you to say the word to me...
...and l'll put you on that bus
back to your mama...

...because you mean a lot to me,
and l ain't going to make you run with me.

l ain't a rich man.
You could get a rich man if you tried.

l don't want no rich man!
You ain't going to have a minute's peace.
You promise?