How I Won the War

Follow me.
Paddles out.
Prepare to paddle.
Yes, during the war,
I was a Musketeer myself.

We had one young John Thomas
ostensibly commanding.

More myself was the backbone, of course.
Of a dark night,
many of our officers...

:01:33 some of their own men. You had to.
Yes, I will, squire.
Yeah, that's right, you was there.
After breakfasting in Paddington,
we was transferred to the Second Army
for Rhine and Other Rivers.

Ours was an infantry role though many
of us could swim only loosely, if at all.

- It was a complete cock-up.
- 144177 Musketeer Brazier S.

No, no, how I won the war.
The memoirs
of Lieutenant Ernest Goodbody.

Auf Wiedersehen
Auf Wiedersehen
We'll meet again, sweetheart
This lovely day
Has flown away
The time has come
To part
We'll kiss again
Like this again
Don't let the teardrops start