In Cold Blood

Of course, I remember you.
Kansas City?
I'm at the bus terminal.
I'm waiting for Willie Jay.
Did something hold up his parole?
-I was supposed to meet him right here.
-Perry, think.

You've already broken parole
by quitting your job.

You'll break it again
if you step into Kansas.

Whatever you do,
don't cross that river into Kansas.

Can you tell me where he went?
Please, Jim.
It's very important.
Maybe the most important thing in my life.
Go back. Why not see your father?
'Morning, Ma.
Daddy, you know Jolene?
I promised to teach her
how to bake a cherry pie.

-Sounds serious.
-She insists on today.

That makes it practically a catastrophe.
Because I also promised
to help Roxy with her trumpet solo.

And errands for Mother in Garden City,
lunch with Susan--

Suppose I take care
of your mother's errands?

Thank you, Daddy.
Also peovided for your convenience,
at the baggage counter...