In Cold Blood

And that's your perfect score?
Baby, it's a cinch.
I promise you, honey,
we'll blast hair all over them walls.

-Hello, Roxy.
-'Morning, Mr. Clutter.

I think Nancy's expecting you.
You want to watch it, boy.
You'll end up an aspirin junkie.

Been one for seven years.
Got the habit in the hospital.

They made a dwarf out of me.
Doctors and lawyers. What do they care?
Ever see a millionaire
fry in the electric chair?

Hell, no.
There's two kinds of laws, honey:
One for the rich and one for the poor.
Look at me.
I crack up my car,
wake up in a charity ward...

...and don't even recognize myself.
I hate to count how much classy pussy
that's cost me.

They left you a wonderful smile, though.
Yeah, the all-American boy.