In Cold Blood

-Fabulous Mexico.
-Land of the hot tamales.

Gold country.
Remember Bogart
in Treasure of the Sirera Madre?

We could get us a couple of bueros.
Some tools.
Slow down, honey.
I don't know gold dust from diarrhea.

Well, I do.
My old man prospected for gold in Alaska.
He taught me all the ins and outs.
Yeah. And we end up nuts.
No gold, nothing. Just like in the movie.
You never meant it...
...about going to Mexico, did you?
Did you?

Sure, baby.
Sure we're going.
But first we gotta dig up some capital.
Like tonight.

$5,000 a piece, for one hour's work.
-May I take your orders?
-Two cheeseburgers, please.

Getting insured is like...
...well, when you wash your car,
it always rains.

Know what we call this
in the insurance game?

The solemn moment.
I guess when a man makes out a policy
or takes out his last will...

:20:41's only natural to think about mortality.
Herb, as of this minute,
your life is worth $40,000.

ln case of accidental death,
double indemnity.

New York Life wishes you
a very long and very healthy life.

-And so do I.
-And so do I.