In Cold Blood

That waitress.
Nice piece of blonde chicken.

Why'd you pick me for this job?
A perfect score needs perfect partners.
Together we're a perfect fit.
It's your score. Where do I fit in?
I got you figured for a natural-born killer.
Or did you lie about that punk in Vegas?
Why did you kill him?
No special reason. Just for the hell of it.
That's the best reason of all.
Back there, you wanted to kill me.
Just for a second, right?
It passed.
Hair-trigger temper.
Somebody crosses you, voom!
Yes, sir. You've got the gift, boy.
Remember the chaplain's clerk, Willie Jay?
-The guy you painted to look like Jesus?
-He said the same thing:

''Unstable, explosive.''
He is a flaming faggot.
He has a brilliant mind.
Then how come
he got caught stealing five times?

-He was the best friend I ever had.
-I'm the only friend you got now.

Friend to the end, for better or worse.
Till death do us part?
All we need is a ring, sugar.