In Cold Blood

And that!
You don't believe that con
about no clues do you?

You worry too much.
How are them cowboys
gonna connect us? Remember?

No witnesses.
I know one.
You. You're a witness.
Jesus, kid. For a minute,
I thought you blew your cork.

You're so right.
We're the only ones who saw it...
...and that, honey, is our big ace.
Because if they can't split us apart,
they can't get a confession.

And if they can't get a confession,
they got nothing.

Next move...
-Once we beat it out of the country.
-On what?

$43 and a smile and bullshit?
You guessed it, Chief.
It's the smile that does it.

Like it says in the commercials:
''The family that sticks together
lives forever.''

Officres investigating the slaying
have appealed to the public...

...for help in solving the crime.
A Kansas paper, The Hutchison News,
has offered a reward for any information...

...leading to the capture
and conviction of the person...

...or persons, guilty of the Clutter murders.
A reward of $1,000.
What about the reward?
That's right, $1,000.

Yes, sir. Where are you calling from?
Yeah. Go ahead.