In Cold Blood

We're on our way
and never coming back, never.

And no regrets.
For you. You are leaving nothing.
What about my old man? And my mother.
They'll still be there
when my checks start bouncing.

It's nice the way
you think about your folks.

I'm a real thoughtful bastard.
'Morning, Bess. Coffee?
Hey, Alvin,
that prowler at the Clutter house...

-...get a confession out of him yet?

His confession proved he didn't do it:
Escaped mental patient.

If he's the wrong one,
why in hell don't you find the right one?

I've got a house full of women
who are afraid to go to the toilet alone.

Bunch of gabby old women gassing away,
scaring each other.

Somebody with a grudge done it.
Somebody who hated the Clutters.

Nobody asked you.
Nobody hated the Clutters.

Leastways, nobody that knew them.
If this can happen to a decent,
God-fearing family...

...who's safe anymore?
-From here?
-No, from Topeka. It's urgent!

Okay, Mr. Sandrew.
Tell Alvin it's a prisoner. In Lancing.
Get me a rap sheet on this man, please.
He mentioned the Clutter case.

He wouldn't say any more
unless he was called out of the cellblock.

I have the warden on the other phone now.
Might be a break.

If it is, I'll be out to Garden City tonight
with the tape.

No, phone's too risky.
Hello? Yes.