In Cold Blood

We want a score.
One guy with a fat wallet,
in a fast car, with a back seat.

I sit beside him.
You get in the back, I feed him a few jokes.
I say, ''Hey, Perry, pass me a match.''
That's your signal.
Fast. Hard. Snap. I grab the wheel.
You're so good at it,
you sit in the back seat.

You do it.
Look friendly, now.
You're a lucky bastard.
Don't forget,
when I say, ''Pass me a match.''

-Hop in boys. Where are you going?
-Come on. Get in.

Not with you.
Thanks just the same.
Did you see them guys?
Jesus! They could've robbed us.
What of?
I'm really not supposed to pick up anybody
in the company car, but--

-What the hell, you only live once.
-That's what they say.

Comfortable back there?
I can take you as far as Iowa.
Where have you boys been?
Mexico. No future there.
That depends, my boy.
I honeymooned in Mexico.
You might say that's where I planted
the seed of our first child.

I plowed and planted
a few seƱoritas there myself.