In Cold Blood

You know what they call a prostitute
who went to college?

A whore-to-culture.
I got a riddle for you.

Why is a trip to the bathroom
exactly like a trip to the cemetery?

Let me see. A trip to the bathroom...
:03:30 a trip to the cemetery....
Give up?
When you gotta go, you gotta go.
Perry, pass me a match.
Sorry, I never turn down a soldier.
This might get the boy home
for Christmas.

Lucky break.
Practically a goddamn miracle.
You didn't happen to see a portable radio,
Mr. Hickock, about so big?

A Zenith?
Now what makes him do it?
Now what makes him do it?
Hit out against people?
Outstanding athlete in basketball, baseball,
football, always made the first team.

He always played to win,
played hard, but clean.

When he left without a word
I knew he was in trouble again.

Now, Mr. Nye, I thought if I....
About breaking parole.

Will he have to go back to prison?
You do much hunting, Mr. Hickock?
That's his gun. Dick's.
When he come outta prison...