In Cold Blood

You know what we are?
We're the living proof that crime pays.
Gifts in a manger.
No more money troubles.
Merry Christmas.
Kansas City, here we come.
You're crazy.
I gotta get us some money.
How far do you think we could get
in a hot car? With hot checks?

That's right. I'll go by myself.
-Like hell you will.
-I'll meet you later.

We stick together.
First we go to Vegas.
We pick up our clothes.

All the stuff I shipped from Mexico.
And then...

...we drive to the nearest port and ship out
on the first tanker leaving this country.

And this time we stay out.
I won't go.
You'll go.
What if I don't?
Well, then, ''honey, baby''...
...I guess I'll just have to kill you.
Yeah. But right now...
...we pass a lot of fast, hot checks.