In Cold Blood

You're not stopping for them?
Look at that old man, he looks awful.
Suppose he dies on us?
That means cops, questions.

Think, will you?
I think you're a bastard.
We sure appreciate this, mister.
Get in.
Where you headed?
California. Gramps has got a sister
in Needles. He's going to stay with her.

Did you hear that, Johnny?
Hear me, Johnny?
You got any money?
-Hey, kid.
-No, sir.

Not even $1 for gas?
Only these.
-They're worth $0.03 a bottle.

If you was to drive real slow,
we could pick us up some real change.

That's what Johnny and me
have been eating off of. Refund money.

Get in.
We finally found it.
The sunken treasure of Captain Cort├ęs.
$0.03 a bottle.