In Cold Blood

:17:00's stolen.
That's it. All of it.
-Okay if I smoke?

In a way, I'm glad it's over.
I'll take what l've got coming.
Serve my time and never...

...but never again.
Your parole has a special provision
never to return to Kansas.

I cried my eyes out.
Must've been something important
to bring you back.

I had to see my sister in Fort Scott.
-To get money she was holding for me.
-Did you get it?

-She moved away.

I don't know.
How far is it
from Kansas City to Fort Scott?

I don't know.
How long did it take you to drive there,
one hour? Two?

Three? Four?
I can't remember.
Do you remember what day it was?
Yeah, I remember now.
We got to Fort Scott about 4:00 p.m.
-We went right to the post office.

To find out where Perry's sister lived.
The guy at the post office said she moved.
Left no address and left no money, either.
-Must've been quite a blow.
-It was a haymaker.

What did you do then?
Drove back to K.C., went prowling.
Any luck?
Not much.
We ended up with a couple of hustlers.

I never asked.
You spent the night with these women
and you didn't ask their names?

They were just prostitutes.
Where'd you take them?
I don't remember junk like that.
You'll have to ask Dick.