In Cold Blood

What did these girls look like?
Describe them.
Blonde? Dark? Big? Little?
Any scars?
Moles? Marks?
Would you like the sordid details?
Is that how you get your kicks?
She had to be a contortionist.
I guess you know why we're really here?
You know we wouldn't have come this far
just to arrest two-bit check chiselers.

Would we, Dick?
-I wasn't listening.
-Are you listening now?

Did you ever hear
of the Clutter murder case?

Can't nobody pin any murder on me.
No, sir.

-The question was: Did you hear about it?
-Read something about it, maybe.

You made three mistakes.
Number one: You left a witness.
A living witness, who'll testify in court.
There ain't any living witness. Can't be.
Nobody can pin any murder on me.
Saturday, November 14,
you drove to Fort Scott.

You went to the post office
to get the address of Perry's sister.

That's right.
Perry Smith has no sister in Fort Scott.
Never has had.

On Saturday afternoon the post office
in Fort Scott is always closed.

That is your second mistake.
Perry seems confused about that night.
I think it's about time
we straightened him out.

Yes, sir. About time.
Look at me, boy.
On Saturday night, November 14,
you were in Holcomb, Kansas.

You were killing the Clutter family.
-I never--
-Never what?

I never knew anybody by that name...