In Cold Blood

It was Perry. He did it.
I couldn't stop him.
He killed them all.
Are you the officer that made the arrest?
If you'd grabbed them
five minutes earlier...

...before they'd picked up that box....
Just luck, I guess.
Or something.
Hickock swears that he tried to stop you.
-He was scared that you'd shoot him, too.
-He said you did it. All of it.

Sure. Now you'd like me to say he did it.
He's no killer, and he knows it.
That's why he picked you.
He needed a trigger.

You had nothing to lose.
You'd already killed a man, in Vegas.

Beat him to death with a bicycle chain.
Tough boy. Real brass boy.
I knew if we got caught...
...if he dropped his guts,
he'd tell about that guy in Vegas.

I never killed anybody.
Not before that night.
'Cause that night...