In Cold Blood

...I think....
No, I want to remember it the way it was.
We got ther around midnight.
This is it.
Let's pull outta here.
Now, before it's too late.
If you're gonna do it,
you'll have to do it alone.

You don't think I got the guts
to do it alone.

Okay. I'll show you
who's wearing the pants.

How'd you kill that guy in Vegas, anyhow?
Love him to death?

Korean War hero.
Why'd I go along with it?
When it first began....
Who knows when anything really begins?
When Dick first told me the plan
it didn't even seem real.

Then, the closer we got,
the more real it became.

Like the crazy stunt had a life of its own
and nothing could stop it.

Like I was reading a story...
...and I had to know
what was gonna happen.

How it would end.