In Cold Blood

Why do you boys want to do this?
I never harmed you.
-I never saw you before.
-Shut up. We'll tell you when to talk.

It's all right, sweetheart, don't be afraid.
These men, they just want some money.
They believe we have money
hidden in a safe.

-I told them we didn't, but they don't--
-Didn't I tell you to shut up?

He's telling you God's truth.
There isn't any safe.

I know goddamn well you got a safe.
And you better tell him to find it fast!

Floyd Wells lied to you.
There isn't any safe.

Tie them up.
Okay, lady. ln the bathroom.
Please, don't hurt anybody.
They don't mean to hurt anyone.
Isn't that right?

All they want is some money.
And then they'll go away.

Please, don't hurt the children.
Good grief! What is this?
Some kind of joke?

Make one move, holler once...
...and we'll cut their throats.
All right. You two, downstairs.