In Cold Blood

...four of your neighbors...
...were slaughtered like hogs in a pen...
:47:07 them.
They did not strike in the heat of passion...
...but for money.
They did not kill in vengeance.
They planned it for money.
And how cheaply...
...those lives were bought.
$10 a life.
They drove 400 miles to come here...
...they brought their weapons with them.
This shotgun, this dagger.
This is the rope
that they hogtied their victims with.

This is the blood they spilled.
Herb Clutter's.
They who had no pity, now ask for yours.
They who had no mercy,
now ask for yours.

They who had no tears, now ask for yours.
If you have tears to shed,
weep not for them...

...weep for their victims.
From the way the Holy Bible
was quoted here today...

:48:31 might think the word of God
was written only to protect the killers.

But they didn't read you this:
Exodus 20...
...verse 13:
''Thou shalt not kill.''
Or this...
...Genesis 9, verse 12:
''Who so shedeth man's blood...
'' man shall his blood be shed.''