In Cold Blood

Calling all stations, Officer Linhard...
...Officer Brackin.
Please come to the desk sergeant's office.
Calling all stations, Officer C. Wright.
Please call the desk sergeant.
-What happens now?
-They wait to die.

I wonder how many others
are waiting in other prisons?

About 200.
Perry and Dick began their waiting
in the ''S and I'' building...

...Security and Isolation.
The second floor is death row.
Through the window
they can see the baseball field.

Beyond the outfield, over the wall...
:51:26 an old warhouse with a tin roof.
This warehouse got a name?
In this prison, it's called ''The Corner.''
On hanging day, the men say,
''He's gone to 'The Corner'.''

Perry and Dick have a date at ''The Corner.''
One minute after midnight.
May, Friday 13.

According to an expert
in forensic medicine...