In Cold Blood

...but no one went to ''The Corner.''
Perry and Dick appealed. Routine.
They were granted a stay of execution.

The legal machinery in capital cases
usually runs a year or more. Routine.

Death row has its own routine.
Shower. One man at a time, once a week.
Shave, twice a week.
The guard locks the safety razor.
Safety first.
No radios, no movies, no TV.
No cards, no games, no exercise.
No mirrors, no bottles, no glasses.
No knives, no forks.
No suicide allowed.
They could eat, sleep...
...write, read, think, dream.
They could pray, if so inclined.
But mostly, they just waited.
The guy in the next cell, Andy.
He's been waiting two years.

Newspapers call him
''The nicest boy in Kansas.''

One night he killed his sister.
Then he shot his mother six times
and his father seventeen times.

Andy's a nut, but I like him.
Hey, Andy. Say hello to Mr. Jensen.
He's writing the story of my life.
I told you he was a nut.
Ronnie, Jim, meet Mr. Jensen.
They knocked off seven. Strangers.
Ronnie said they was better off dead.
What about Perry? Don't you get along?