In Cold Blood

Nobody can get along with him.
There's five guys waiting here
for the big swing.

Little Perry's the only one yapping
against capital punishment.

Don't tell me you're for it?
Hell, hanging's only getting revenge.
What's wrong with revenge?
I've been revenging myself all my life.
Sure. I'm for hanging.
Just so long as I'm not the one
being hanged.

See you.
Thanks for the magazines.
Jim, you think that looks like Willie Jay?
The way you see him, yes.
That day at the bus station,
when I phoned you.

If Willie Jay and I had connected,
none of this would of happened.

-Maybe, if you hadn't come back to Kansas.

If they'd had a head-doctor here
during my first stretch...

...he would've known
I had a bomb ticking inside of me.

He would've known
I wasn't ready for parole.

-You knew.

Why didn't you tell me?
Then I wouldn't have gotten my parole,
would I, Reverend?

A few minutes after midnight,
in November...

:56:34 of them went to ''The Corner.''
The others watched him cross the ball field
on his way to the gallows.

It was Andy.
''The nicest boy in Kansas.''
They heard the trapdoor go.
The kept watching and waiting
for 19 minutes...