In Cold Blood

''...that execution of the sentence of death
by hanging of Richard Eugene Hickock...

''...imposed by the District Court
of Finney County, Kansas...

'' carried out on Wednesday,
April 14, 1965.

''Commanding the warden
of the Kansas State Penitentiary...

'' carry the sentence into execution.''
Where's Smith?
''Yea, let none that wait for thee
be ashamed.

''Let them be ashamed
which transgress without cause.

''Show me thy ways, O Lord,
teach me thy paths.

''Lead me in thy truth, and teach me,
for thou art the God....''

I gotta go to the toilet.
We can't remove the harness.
There might not be time.

Try to control yourself.
But that's it.
When you hit the end of the rope
your muscles lose control.

I'm afraid I'll mess myself.
It's nothing to be ashamed of.
They all do it.

For God's sake, man!
''This is to command you, the warden
of the Kansas State Penitentiary...

''...that on Wednesday, April 14, 1965...
''...between the hours of 12:01 a.m.
and 2:00 a.m....''

Is he the....
How much does he get paid to hang them?
$300 a man.
Has he got a name?
''We, the people.''
''...for the State of Kansas.''
Anything you want to say?
Just that I hold no hard feelings.
You're sending me to a better world
than this ever was.