In Like Flint

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. That's correct.
- Lisa, how do you like this?
- It's very nice. Just fine.

- Put it through immediately.
- Thank you.

[Roaring Sound]
[Woman] The color, the drama!
- It is fantastic!
- It's glorious!

Blast off. [Continues Indistinct]
Why not?
Come along, ladies.
Ladies. Ladies!
- Will you leave us, please? Thank you.
- Indicates a perfect orbit.

Right now we're waiting for
the computers to answer the question.

Then, we'll have an announcement
from one of the men responsible.

Yes, that's it.
We have an announcement.

Ladies and gentlemen, Lloyd C. Cramden.
Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen,
we've done it.

The first manned space platform in
history is moving into a perfect orbit!

[Applause, Cheering]
And this is only the beginning.
In the weeks to come,

other rockets containing
weather instruments,

cameras, mapping
and surveying equipment...

will join up with our platform...
making it the first scientific
laboratory in outer space.

- Think of it, ladies and gentlemen.
- We've done it. We've done it!

- Nobody can stop us now!
- Ladies, please!

This accomplishment
will add immeasurably
to our scientifiic knowledge...

and will usher in a new era
of goodwill...