In Like Flint

as the platform passes across
all national boundaries...

- [Phone Ringing]
- Oh, uh, excuse me, please.

Ladies and gentlemen, that's
the president calling Mr. Cramden.

I want to congratulate you on your part
in this magnificent achievement, Lloyd.

Thank you, sir. Thank you.
I must say, now that it's over,
I can use a little relaxation.

Right. Now you can relax. I was thinking
about a little round of g-o-l-f.

Very good. When do you suggest, sir?
- Tomorrow.
- Thank you, sir.

Uh-huh. Good enough. See you then.
Next week, same time, same station.
And now let's return to our
on-the-spot coverage... Uh, Colonel.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Colonel...
- Uh, Carter, Colonel Carter.
- Colonel Carter. Right.

You must be an old ball player, Colonel.
For a moment there, I thought you were
making signals like a third-base coach.

What? Oh, this. [Chuckles]
Habit, I guess.

But this space shot does put us back
in the ball game, doesn't it?

- This is quite a day.
- " Does put us back in the ball game,
doesn't it?"

- [Laughing]
- Men.

But he's right about one thing:
This is quite a day.

- That is, Helena, if...
- Oh, forgive me, dear.

I must have my moment of drama.
I will bring him right in.

Please, sir. Come with me.
Now you will see the final
results of 37 operations.

Sit down here.
- Voila!
- My God!

He's, he's perfect!
[Helena] You see? It is possible.
Yes, it can be done.

Ladies, I have done what I promised.
- The next step is up to you.
- He's wonderful.

Now just sit tight up there.
Tomorrow we begin.
- Operation Duffer.
- [Women Together] Operation Duffer!