In Like Flint

Duffer! Duffer!
[Speaking Russian]
- [Speaks Russian]
- Operation Duffer!

Watch me very carefully, Lloyd.
You've been trying to kill the ball.

Brute power is not the answer.
Golf and life itself have one thing
in common: Success is based on timing.

- I'm only down three holes, sir.
- Well, that's all we've played.

Now, Lloyd, I'm going to give you
a little lesson on that swing of yours.

- You got your stopwatch?
- Oh, yes, sir.

All right now.
Watch me very carefully, and remember,

it's all in the timing.
- Start your watch.
- Hold it, Mr. President.

It's all right.
Nothing to be alarmed about.
Well, boys, it's the president.
My apologies, sir.

That's all right, sir. Hello, boys.
- Hi.
- How do you do?

Ask him for his autograph.
Gosh, Mr. President, if you'd
autograph your golf ball for me,

I'd put it right next
to my picture of Batman.

- Martin, comparing the president...
- Perfectly normal, sir.