In Like Flint

- Lloyd?
- Huh?

- Did you get that?
- Yes, sir.

What was it?
Three... Three min...
Now, if this watch is right,
something else is terribly wrong.

- But you could be mistaken, sir.
- I wish I were, Avery,

but three minutes went by
that I can't account for.

Three minutes
in the life of the president.

It's not just irregular,
it's irrational.

[Avery On Speaker] Irrational.
Exactly like the problem, sir.

You're right, damn it.
Get me that book on dogs.
- On what, sir?
- Dogs. I'm gonna see Flint.

Uh-huh. All right.
All right. Thank you.

You're right. Our man's
in the White House, but Cramden
has turned to Flint for help.

You see how predictable,
this childish masculine loyalty?

- The Flint file.
- It's quite a dossier.

- It's very impressive.
- Yes, yes. I know.

- Weaknesses?
- Yes. Three of them.

I'll leave for New York.