In Like Flint

"Avoid tension.
"A dog can sense fear.
Show him you're his friend.
Offer him food."

[Dog Growling]
And, ladies, at Fabulous Face, we offer
completely individual beauty treatments.

For example, if you happen
to enjoy a full body massage, we can...

I'm sure it's very nice, Miss Norton,
but I don't think we really need
to leave town for a massage.

- [Laughing]
- And, besides,
I don't think we've got the time.

As soon as Derek gets back,
we leave for Rio.

[Miss Norton]
Well, that's just perfect.

Our place Fabulous Face
is right in the islands,

just a short fight from Rio,
right on your way.

Please, say you'll come.
Derek can pick us up
on the way back from the desert.

- That's just marvelous.
- Great. I'll tell him.

- Oh, is he here?
- Why, yes.

[Dog Growling]
Pardon me.
You're supposed to smile, sir.
Then he'll let go.

You must be Mr. Cramden, right?
Uh, yes,
but I don't remember our meeting before.