In Like Flint

Now, Flint,
something happened when
I was playing golf with the president.

Oh, the president! Well...
Oh, yes.
I don't know where to begin.
L-It just doesn't seem to make sense.

Well, I'm sure it will, sir.
Just, um...

Well, you know I haven't
been playing up to my game.

- Oh, that's too bad.
- Well...

So the president felt my timing was off.
So he asked me to time his swing
with this stopwatch. Well...

- Oh, I see. So, uh... Yes, uh-huh.
- Yeah.

Flint, it took three minutes.
Now that's not possible, is it?

- Uh, no, sir. It's not.
- No.

The, uh, the watch...
now you've had it checked, of course.

Oh, of course.
That's very interesting.
Would you like me to look into this?

That's what I was hoping.
I can take care of it
in about a week, sir.

- A week?
- Well, why? Is it urgent?

- Well, no, I guess...
- Oh, fine then, sir.

I'll contact you as soon
as I get back from Death Valley.

- Death Valley?
- Yes, a survival test.

- Derek?
- Yeah, baby.

Miss Norton has invited us
to be her guests at Fabulous Face
while you're away.

Fabulous Face? What's that?

It's that great new health resort
in the Virgin Islands.

- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- It's just a couple of hours to Rio.

- I'll check the airlines.
- Yeah.

- Fabulous Face?
- Besides, you'll be gone
that week anyway.

You're very convincing, Miss Norton.
The resort must be quite a place.

Believe me, Mr. Flint, it is.
I, uh, do hope
you'll allow them to come.

- [Flint] Why not?
- Ladies, perhaps you ought
to start packing.