In Like Flint

- Oh, how nice.
- Uh, to the school system.

Especially Roanoke, Virginia.

And to a very charming representative
of our government.

- Uh, what?
- I'm sure you can explain this, sir.

- Who is... Wait!
- Pardon me, dearie.

- I don't know.
- I'll have to take you into custody.

- What?
- I'll arrange for an audience
with the president...

first thing in the morning,
and any decision will be made by him.

- [Grumbling]
- Cooper, you and Austin
take Mr. Cramden to the car.

- I'll question the woman.
- I never...

- This way.
- There's a mistake.

You're not listening. [Stammering]
I don't even remember registering.
So, you met this woman for the first
time, had a couple of drinks with her,

and you can't recall anything
that happened afterward?

I can only conclude, sir,
that the drink must have been drugged.

What does your report show,
General Carter?

The waiter in the restaurant didn't get
a good look at the woman, sir.

As for the glasses they drank from,
the lab reports show no trace of a drug.