In Like Flint

Agave Americana.
It's indigenous to the Virgin Islands.

Virgin Islands?
Virgin Islands.
Fabulous Face?
It's in the Virgin Islands, right?
The missing cosmonauts...
What is it, Natasha?
What are you into? What is it?

Derek, darling, I am not your enemy.
I am your friend. I can't tell you now
because it's too late.

- Well, tell me anyway.
- You will be very happy,

but first, darling,
you must make me happy.

[Door Opens]
Who are you? What are you doing here?
My apologies, comrade Natasha,
but the order comes
from the prime minister himself.

He wishes to see Mr. Flint.
At 4:30 in the morning?
He couldn't sleep.
Your performance was so magnificent.

He wishes to confer upon you
the Nijinksy Medal.

Oh. [Chuckling]
- Is this your coat?
- Yes.

Ivan, help Mr. Flint on with his coat.
No, no!