La Chinoise

And in Europe, in France?
In Milan, Strehler does good work.
Yes, he has...
There's a great Althusser text
about a Brecht play...

..and I’ve made it mine.
I turn around...
And suddenly the question is...
..are the words I’ve just said,
so awkwardly and blindly...

..part of a greater play
continuing through me...

..a worker in the world theatre.
The sense incomplete...
..looking through and with me...
all the actors and settings
of the silent oration.
That's why I’m speaking.
Yes, that's why.
Cut, fine. Take five.
Go ahead.
I’ll go with Serge.
Don't I get a kiss?
You said we'd go see 8 1/2.
It's disgusting.
He always goes if I want him to stay.
It's a starting point.
Politics are
the starting point
of practical revolutionary action.

I don't get it.
You're too much.
I don't understand.
Now listen carefully, Yvonne,
it's easy.

All revolutionary party action
is applied policy.