Les Demoiselles de Rochefort

You're alone?
Josette took Booboo to school,
Gramps is asleep.

- Going somewhere?
- I have two days of leave left

so I'm going home to Nantes.
My leave's immi-Nantes!

Aren't you funny!
Give me a beer.
I'll be back Monday morning
in time to pack my bags.
Then it's so long, Rochefort!

someone butchered a dame
By the chateau in Etiquette Lane.

A wicker basket found today
Contained the pieces
of Pelagie Rosier.

Ex-Folie Bergre chorine
And one-time beauty queen.

Aged 60, she won hurrahs
Under her stage name, Lola-Lola.

she nailed audiences to their seat
Before bringing them to their feet.

The hamper's open, the case is too.
Police won't say if there's a clue.

No stone will be left unturned
Until the slasher's name is learned.

Ever heard of Lola-Lola?
I've never known any dancers.
Here comes Josette.
What kept you?
There was a police cordon
Near school where I left your son.

A sadist's on the loose,
some think he's a mystical recluse.