Se sei vivo spara

Dig it wide, dig it deep.
Hey boys, that's a beautiful grave.
Ain't seen one bigger.

You're gonna be real comfortable.
Ain't that right boss?
We work for you, you're going to kill us
without giving us one drop of tequila.

You'll be able to say your prayers
in Spanish, as you lie down to die.

And Gringo won't forbid it.
Have a nice discussion with the devil.

How about your half-breed prayers,
in English or Spanish?

l don't have to pray for salvation,
after l've been killed.

You do, you're a murderer.
l'm pleased to call you my friend, since
you're going to give me your gold.

What is he doing? Quick, shoot him.
Don't let him get away!
You can't leave without horses.
Manchiana, we've got to do something
to stop him. Save the horses.

You won't be going nowhere without
horses, Oaks!

You're scaring the horses away.
Hold your fire.