Waterhole #3

Sgt. Foggers, we can't spare any men
to help you because of the war games.

Besides, they'd just attract attention.
You keep a weather eye
and you'll be relieved at first light.

- Now do your duty.
- Sir...

the Army's my home and I would protect
my home with my life.

I got it.
Watch yourself!
That's a lot of gold
for one inside man to guard.

That's a lot of soldier, Corporal.
Well, I still say it's a lot of gold, sir.
Firm up, Corporal. We're not civilians.
- Get out of there.
- Quick, rabbit.

Sweet yellow, sweet yellow
Sweet tangerine gold
You make a man fever
You make a man bold

Okay, boys.
This is where we lose each other.

Why don't we bury
that shoemaker in the shaft?

No, we can't do that.
He's our alibi if things go good.

- He's an alibi?
- Yeah, it's his tunnel.

Yeah, but that don't make me
any less a deserter.

You ain't no deserter.
You're his hostage.